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2022 Fundraising

RDB relies entirely on donations and sponsorships for funding. Please consider us – as a local charity we do not have access to the resources of larger charities and rely on donations from individuals and local businesses. We also appreciate those who support us by taking part in events and raising sponsorship money for our cause.

In the last couple of years especially, RDB has had to adapt and thrive in order to ensure we continue to support our beneficiaries. 

RDB needs to continue to help its groups and individual clients during these difficult times, and we need to raise the funds to do so.

Your support will ensure we can continue to have a huge positive impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of our disabled riders, volunteers and their carers and families in the Western Algarve (Barlavento).

We aim to:

  • Recover from COVID-19;
  • Continue to empower our disabled riders, families and volunteers
  • Respond to our communities needs and ensure their health and wellbeing
  • Renovate our outside spaces
  • Take our riders to Special Olympics Qualifiers

Every donation counts:

  • €10 can contribute to purchasing new equipment or materials needed to run the charity
  • €20 can help towards the horses’ upkeep or pay for volunteer training
  • £100 could help towards the cost of maintenance of the outside spaces and the cost of a new shed, creating a warm and dry space for riders and drivers, as ours is close to collapse!

Our outside space is in desperate need of renovation

Thank you in advance for your donation that will make a difference and ensure the future of the RDB community.

We now have various ways to make a donation to make it simpler, quicker and less painful! 

Click on the headings below to see more information about each donation method:

Our IBAN is:

PT50 0045 7194 4023 1017 4812 9

If you require a receipt please contact us to notify us of the donation and supply your full name, fiscal number and the amount of the donation.

No institution can function without associates!

Become a RDB associate for the small minimum payment of €12 per year and be first to hear about all our planned events and activities.

Please fill in our registration form.

We have set up a super simple & speedy way to donate – whether a one-off or monthly, donations can now be made in just a couple of clicks.

Simply choose the amount you wish to donate, ensure you are under the correct tab (one-off or monthly) and click the button.

You will be taken through to a Stripe payment page where you enter your card details and submit. Just a couple of minutes of your time can make a difference!

Check out the options below

Pop up to Quinta Paraíso Alto on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning with some good old-fashioned cash!

If you are a PT tax payer you can support us very quickly & easily through your IRS. You can support social solidarity institutions like RDB without spending a single cent.

The state allows 0.5% of your paid IRS to be turned into a donation to a public benefit institution, such as RDB. Just indicate our NIPC 508 994 209, in Field 1101, Table 11, Model 3.

Associação de Equitação Adaptada Barlavento | Riding for the Disabled Barlavento

A good reason to show solidarity via your IRS is that here you don’t lose money or pay more for it, since the IRS consignment allows you to divert 0.5% of your tax, which would go into the state coffers (and not 0.5% of what is returned to the taxpayer), to a solidarity entity chosen by the taxpayer.

Let’s imagine that you have 4,000 euros of tax paid to the State, instead of this amount going in its entirety in tax, you will end up donating 20 euros (4000 x 0.5 = 20) of that amount to RDB. It may seem like very little, but the truth is that with these small grains we achieve much more. If every tax payer in the Western Algarve were to nominate RDB on their tax returns it could add up to a very helpful amount.

If you use an accountant to submit your tax return remember to ask them to do this for you, all it takes 5 seconds and does not cost you anything.

VAT deduction

In addition to donating 0.5% of the IRS, the taxable person can contribute with the deduction of 15% of the VAT paid, selecting with an “X” the spaces “IRS” and “IVA” in the aforementioned table. However, it should be noted that in this second case there are already costs for the taxpayer, the money not being diverted from the State as in the consignment, but removed from its possible VAT deduction in the IRS receivable. We know that it represents a much greater effort, but for us it represents a lot.


In addition to showing solidarity via your IRS, it is possible to show solidarity during the year with donations. Donations are tax deductible with the IRS.

Leaving a bequest to RDB is a wonderful way to help ensure that these vital services to the community can continue in future years.

Our riding programmes help improve disabled riders’ quality of life and provide them with the therapy, skills and freedom that they deserve.

The biggest gift of your life could be to simply include RDB in your will. Thank you for considering us.

Here is a list of key information for you:
  • Choosing your bequest
  • The proper wording to use in your will
  • Wherever the need is greatest
  • Our Fiscal Number

What kind of cause do you want to support?

Do you want to choose a charity who supports children and adults? A charity who works with disabled people? A charity who helps with health? A charity that helps with education? An animal charity? A charity that has many volunteers?

Riding for the Disabled Barlavento can help you to achieve all of the above.

By choosing to leave a gift in your will for RDB, you will be making an impact into the future.

What is a good charity to make a bequest to? Only you can decide, but if you want to help riders get great, positive outcomes you can do this by leaving a gift in your will.

Making a Will

Every adult should have a valid and current will. Many adults either do not have a will, or their will may be out of date. If you die without a valid will, legislation decides how your estate is to be distributed.

A will shows that you care about those you love. Making a will can give you peace of mind, knowing that your wishes for family, friends and community organisations important to you, have been identified and addressed.

You may choose to leave specific items to particular beneficiaries, or you may choose to share your entire estate on a percentage basis. You may choose Riding for the Disabled Barlavento as a beneficiary in your will.

Your will is a legal document, and it is best that you have it prepared by a lawyer so that it is worded and signed correctly. This ensures your estate will be able to be distributed in accordance with your wishes.

In Portugal, the personal law is the law of the nationality of the individual, so if you already have a will it is not essential to register a new one in Portugal if you have moved here. However, if you have assets and bank accounts in Portugal it is recommended to also make a Portuguese will which will allow to your heirs to access the assets they inherit. Under Portuguese law, if you do not have a Will and die resident in Portugal, all your assets will be distributed by the “forced heirs”.

For further information please consult with a solicitor.

Bequests and Your Interests

Many people like to leave a gift to charity, and Riding for the Disabled Barlavento is a wonderful charity to give a bequest to because we are a charity who helps so many children and adults.

Whether you want to leave a bequest for children, a bequest for disabled people, a bequest for health, a bequest for education, or a bequest for sport and recreation, you will know that Riding for the Disabled Barlavento helps in all these areas.

Leaving a Bequest

Bequest giving is a simple and effective way of continuing your support for your favourite charity or if you want to make a real investment in the charity’s vital services into the future.

Choosing your bequest

The choices for your bequest can be any of the following.

  • A euro value
  • A percentage of your estate
  • A residual gift, meaning you can leave the balance of your estate. This is the option that we prefer.

The proper wording to use

The proper wording to use for a gift in your will is set out below.

I give to the Riding for the Disabled Barlavento Association the sum of €xx OR xx percentage of my estate OR the residue of my estate OR description of property or assets for its general purposes OR for the specific purpose of [insert here].

And I declare that a receipt appearing to be given by the Chief Executive Officer or an authorised officer of Riding for the Disabled Barlavento Association shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my trustees.

Wherever the need is greatest

If you are happy that your gift is used wherever the need is greatest, this will be the most use to us. You can achieve this by choosing “for its general purposes“.

Charity Number

The fiscal number for Riding for the Disabled Barlavento is 508 994 209.

The impact of your bequest

A bequest is a wonderful way to support RDB beyond your lifetime. A bequest has no effect on your financial situation now, and will mean so much to the people we care for.

Talking to us

If you are considering making a bequest or would like to talk about what is involved and how this can help the work of RDB, then please contact us.

You can become a sponsor and we will work in partnership with you to meet your goals for marketing and sales.

Whether you are looking to demonstrate corporate social responsibility, to encourage corporate volunteering, or to show you care, we will work with you to assist you to meet your objectives.

If you would like to be a corporate supporter, you may wish to let your staff know about payroll giving, fundraising opportunities and volunteer days. Please direct them to this page.

If you are a business, a trust, or an individual, and you would like to discuss sponsorship, we welcome having a discussion with you.

Please contact us to start talking about how we can help you with your goals.

Short of time? Donate a one-off or recurring fixed amount online in minutes

"When I am on a horse I am walking again"

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RDB Volunteer - Ann Margret Engstrom

Qualifications / Experience

  • Previous experience with horses

Joined RDB


Ann-Margret Engstrom


Ann-Margret has been volunteering at RDB as a leader/sidewalker for around 10 to 12 years. She used to have horses in Sweden and used to ride a lot, so by volunteering she gets her horse fix!

“Horses have always  been part of my life.
Riding schools once a week during my years of studies and thereafter three times a week sharing privately owned horses. Some Summers working in a stud. Driving one or two in hand. Lounging and a lot of fun riding in the fields and in the forests.
Good pastimes off work and a lot of laughter when mocking out chatting with friends doing the same. No competitions and quite a lot of private lessons.”
Clive Williams - a volunteer at RDB

Qualifications / Experience

  • Retired Electrical Contracts Manager

Joined RDB


Clive Williams

Leader / Sidewalker & General Maintenance

I moved to Lagos in 2015 and joined RDB some time later having little or no experience  of working with horses or the disabled.

I enjoy the company of other volunteers and especially seeing the reaction of the riders.

My role at RDB is as a side walker or horse leader and the maintenance of the grounds and mechanical equipment.

My main pastime is sailing my yacht SHENANIGAN locally around the Algarve.

Screenshot 2022-01-23 at 22.43.16

Qualifications / Experience

  • Retired Nursery Nurse

Joined RDB

In 2022

Heather Piper

Leader / Sidewalker

I wanted to carry on using my skills acquired through life. Ponies, ponies, ponies as a child and teenager, then 40 years working with children of varying abilities in special school settings. Of which, 10 years spent with young people with hearing impairment and another 10 years working 1:1 with children and young adults with autism.

I love coming to RDB, everyone is so nice, friendly and cheerful!

IMG_1493 (1)

Qualifications / Experience

  • Joana has experience with horses

Joined RDB

At birth!

Joana Wilson Luz

Leader / Sidewalker

Joana is Sue Wilson‘s daughter and has grown up surrounded by horses at QPA. 

Joana has been helping out with RDB ever since she was tiny.

Joana loves seeing the progress the riders make and is a great help!

Rod Frew

Qualifications / Experience

  • Founder member of Algarve Wednesday Walkers
  • Founder of RDB

Joined RDB


Rod Frew

President of the General Assembly

Rod is President of RDB and original founder along with Jinny Harman, Secretary.

Rod & Jinny set up the initial ‘Ride the Algarve Way’ fundraiser, an epic 240km 6-day marathon ride, which raised over €35.000,00 euros. These funds were split equally between Riding for the Disabled Barlavento, to set it up, and the Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) Association. 

Jinny Harman

Qualifications / Experience

  • Owner of QPA
  • Founder of RDB
  • Over 30 years’ experience working with horses
  • Qualified trainer

Joined RDB


Jinny Harman


Jinny is Secretary of RDB and original founder along with Rod Frew, President of the General Assembly.

Rod & Jinny set up the initial ‘Ride the Algarve Way’ fundraiser, an epic 240km 6-day marathon ride, which raised over €35.000,00 euros. These funds were split equally between Riding for the Disabled Barlavento, to set it up, and the Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) Association. 

Jinny is also owner of Quinta Paraíso Alto Riding Centre where the RDB sessions are held, and donates Sue, her Stable Manager, to RDB as a fully certified Trainer.

Jinny set up QPA in 1992 and has extensive knowledge and experience in working with horses.


Qualifications / Experience

  • Treasurer for school PTAs &
  • Volunteered for RDA in the UK
  • Prior horse experience

Joined RDB


Tenney Cotton


Tenney owned horses in the UK and has prior experience of volunteering for RDA in the UK, so as soon as she learned about RDB she joined the team and is now Treasurer.

Tenney volunteers on a Friday supporting private clients and feels that RDB is such a valuable resource for the kids.

“Being out in the fresh air, getting physiotherapy is so good for them. The children definitely get stronger physically but also their communication skills and confidence improves greatly. For example, I have seen a huge change with Bea during the time I have been helping her. Her communication and confidence has improved and I can see she is really enjoying it. Also, Bea’s core strength has developed greatly.”

Not only does Tenney loves supporting the children, she gets a workout whilst walking around the arena and gets her horse fix at the same time!


Qualifications / Experience

  • Denise worked in Community Care in the UK supporting autistic children plus has prior horse experience

Joined RDB


Denise Kelly


Denise has been volunteering at RDB since 2019. She had moved to the area and met Jinny and as soon as Jinny found out that Denise was a horse woman she signed her up!

Denise has two of her own horses still back in the UK and misses them greatly. She loves being around horses so volunteering enables that but she gets the most satisfaction from seeing the smiles on the riders’ faces. “Seeing their mobility improving and knowing you are helping and enriching their lives is very rewarding”.

Denise volunteers on a Friday between 9am & 12:30 pm, supporting individual riders and riders from NECI.


Qualifications / Experience

  • Lawyer

Joined RDB


Maddie Grossey

Committee President

Maddie had no previous experience with horses or working with people of physical or mental disabilities before joining RDB, which just goes to show that experience is not necessary to join our team! 

Maddie has been president now for around 5 years and is in charge of organising all the sessions. 

Maddie gets great satisfaction and happiness from seeing the delight on the faces of the riders.

Ângela, our qualified Physiotherapist and Hippotherapist

Qualifications / Experience

  • Graduated in Physiotherapy in 2006
  • Specialist in Neuropediatrics and Child Development

Joined RDB


Ângela Mesquita


Ângela has been working with the Barlavento Adapted Riding Association since 2007, initially with the training of Therapeutic Riding Assistant, as a technician who accompanied the Users of the NECI Institution, and since 2018 with training of Therapeutic Riding Technique working as a Responsible Technician for Therapeutic Riding of the Association.

Together with Sue Wilson, responsible Riding Monitor for the Association and the Equestrian Centre, they promote Adapted Riding competitions in the Algarve as responsible for EquiSpecialAlgarve, the organising committee for Adapted Riding events. In addition, Ângela & Sue promote the participation of several Athletes with Disabilities, competing in the Special Olympics.

Sue Wilson Riding 4 Disabled Barlavento

Qualifications / Experience

  • Trainer in General Equitation, RDB and Equitação Adaptada
  • RDB trainer since 2003

Joined RDB


Sue Wilson


Sue has 30 years general equitation experience and has worked at Quinta Paraíso Alto for 23 years. Sue originally trained as an RDA trainer through the RDA in the UK and has implemented her knowledge at RDA in Portugal since 2003.

Sue’s favourite bit of working with the riders is all the smiles & hugs she receives! Some riders when they start at RDB are scared of the horses as they are much bigger animals to those that they are used to. Sue introduces them gently to the horses and slowly builds their trust.

Travelling to Abu Dhabi with the National Portuguese Special Olympics team was one of the highest points of Sue’s journey with RDB and an out of this world experience. Seeing Lucelia win medals, having been scared to even touch a horse when she first started, was simply incredible.

One memory that really sticks with Sue is something said to her by Eugênio, a past rider with RDB. When he was asked what he liked most about RDB Eugênio said, ‘when I’m on a horse I am walking again’. Sadly Eugenio is no longer with us, but to know that RDB helped him ‘walk again’ is validation of how important RDB is to the lives of those with physical, intellectual, emotional and social challenges.

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